A woman stands with crossed arms beside a child in a red sweater, while another child peers from the doorway of a weathered green house with the number 15

The image shows a scene from a rural area in Mexico, featuring a family outside a house. The house is old with peeling green paint, and the number 15 is prominently displayed at the top. A woman, with a resolute expression and arms crossed, stands to the left of the frame. Next to her, a young child in a red sweater with heart motifs looks at the camera with a neutral expression. In the doorway, another child, wearing a white shirt, stands partially hidden by the shadow, looking curiously towards the camera. A blue basin lies overturned in the dirt yard, and a makeshift curtain hangs beside the doorway, adding to the rustic setting of the photograph. The image captures a candid moment of daily life, suggestive of simplicity and resilience



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