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Lighting the Path, One Meal at a Time

Global Care Alliance began with a simple act of kindness in Colonet, Mexico. Today, inspired by faith and compassion, we reach out across borders, nourishing souls and filling plates. Join our journey of hope and love.


Global Care Alliance has developed into an important international humanitarian organization with operations in Mexico, Nepal, Lebanon, and the African nation of Burundi.


Their words

Greta was born with a condition that caused her head to be extremely large. Greta was unable walk, unable to talk, and unable to see and needed an expensive surgery to cure her. I am so thankful to GCA for paying for the surgery. Greta’s head is now returning to normal and she can see and hear. The doctors think she will soon be able to walk. God bless your work here in Burundi!

Martha & Greta

Join us! Together we can save lives

Join us! Together we can save lives

Global Care Alliance

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