Projects in Lebanon

We are looking at opportunities to expand our work to include projects in Lebanon. I traveled there in February on a scouting mission to locate potential partners and identify potential projects. I was in Beirut, the Bekaa Valley, and Tyre. God put excellent potential partners in my path in all three places. He did not, however, show me a physical project to work on. That doesn’t mean there aren’t projects that we can do. Indeed, with a million and a half destitute Syrian and Iraqi refugees living in a country of four million, there are thousands of potential projects for us to do. However, I prefer not to force the issue but rather wait for God to show me the perfect project to do

For now, our work in Lebanon will be limited to two or three mission trips per year. During these mission trips, we will be reaching out to the many Muslims who are longing to hear the truth about Jesus and to receive the love of genuine Christians. I believe that God will direct us to a suitable physical project in his perfect timing. When that happens, I will begin the process of fundraising. In the meantime, please pray that God will make his will obvious to me