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I am so proud of our team of medical professionals in Mexico that I have to share their recent accomplishments with you, our supporters, and prayer partners. You have been the driving force that has allowed our team to shine so brightly and help so many marginalized people in the community where we work.

As many of you know, we opened our medical clinic in Vicente Guerrero on August 1, 2018. Our partner in the clinic is the Xochicalco University Medical School in Tijuana. We supply the facility and the funding, and Xochicalco provides two doctors to serve one-year terms as residents in our clinic. The Xochicalco residents live in the spacious apartment we built above the clinic. So we are now on our fifth set of Xochicalco doctors.

We knew there was a need for a low-cost clinic in the community of Vicente Guerrero, but in our first year, before the clinic had made a name for itself, we only averaged around 200 patients per month. Over the years, that number has grown significantly as more people in the area find out about our excellent doctors and as we add specialties and services. Last month, we saw an astounding 868 patients: 330 of those were medical consults; 17 were seen in our ophthalmology clinic; 75 came to the clinic for nutrition counseling; 98 were there for psychological services; 35 attended educational presentations by our doctors; 21 received physical therapy at our facility; 157 came to the clinic for the healthy eating classes; 104 came for routine screenings, such as blood pressure measurement, blood glucose measurement; regular injections, etcetera; and 31 came to the new fever triage that our doctors set up.

Last month was the clinic’s busiest month ever, and through August 31, we have already seen 4,716 patients in the clinic in 2022. Therefore, we are rapidly reaching the point where it will be necessary to bring on additional Xochicalco residents to help manage the clinic’s growing patient load.

Meet our Medical Professionals

Dr. Sai Rafael Lizarraga Urroz & Dra. Valeria Lizeth Bravo Gualdarrama.

Thank you for all you do to support and encourage us!

Niles Sharif
“A Collective Commitment to Care”
At Global Care Alliance, we believe in serving humanity by meeting the needs of challenged people living in any place God leads us. We believe that sharing love and extraordinary compassion is the best way to give thanks for the many blessings God has given us.



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