We have a wonderful partnership with Harvest Ministries Now in the village of Gahararo in Burundi.  A special thanks goes out to Donatien who remains our loyal partner in serving the people of the region. 

A few years ago, the Batwa people of Gahararo had no place in their society. The Batwa people were outcasts. It is amazing how things have changed today! Since introducing our water system in the community, the Batwa villagers are responsible for protecting the use of that water. Providing the water system to the villagers shows great things, such as how much the Batwa people were minimized in the past but are now able to serve and be a part of their community.

In the school house, we now have 32 children who are attending Kindergarten this year! Many of them did not know how to express themselves. They were too shy to even speak their name.  We are proud to say that today not only can they speak their name but the children have also begun to have conversations with their classmates and ask questions to their teacher.  This is a huge accomplishment for us!

Along with our partners Harvest Ministries, we teach members of associations to initiate small projects that can help them to develop their lives and use their assets to the best of their abilities. After watching their parents benefit greatly from the approach to savings and credits (Nduza Nkuduze), nineteen students from the Gahararo community made their own savings and credit group. The money they save comes from work they do in their spare time, such as fieldwork. These savings help the villagers buy necessities like pens, soap, and clothing.

The Batwa socio-economic center of Gahararo, in its initiative “Good News Club”, has 1,200 children.  Fifty-two of them come from Batwa families.  To present the gospel to the children, 50 Club coaches go through a training of 24 lessons. In these lessons, they learn how to prepare a gospel lesson and how to present it; how to present the gospel to the child and how to help them after conversion. There has been great improvement in the preparation and presentation of the leading lesson.  In the last three months, twelve children have received Christ as their Savior!

As you can see, we are really making a difference in Burundi!  Thank you so much for your continued support!




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