Global Care Alliance has developed into an important international humanitarian organization with operations in Mexico and the African nation of Burundi.

Projects in Mexico

Frances Kitchen

Location: Colonet, Mexico

Our organization was born out of a project that we did with a Mexican woman named Frances Sifuentes.  When our founder Niles Sharif met Frances in 2005, she was feeding migrant children out of a dilapidated community center in the farming community of Colonet, Mexico.

Frances needed funds or kitchen was going to shut down.  We not only supplied her with food that would keep her in business for at least a year, but we also built her a new kitchen on the grounds of a local school for the children of migrant farm workers.  Frances Kitchen has now been in continuous operation for 11 years.

Frances feeds 100-125 children a hot and nutritious meal every school day.

Community Center

Location: Vicente Guerrero, Mexico

Vicente Guerrero, Mexico is a poor farming town in the San Quintin region of the Baja peninsula about 250 miles south of San Diego.  The town is home to thousands of migrants from the interior Mexican state of Oaxaca.  These migrants leave their homes in Oaxaca in order to farm the tomato and strawberry fields of San Quintin.

The migrants live in communities that are poor and fractured.  There is serious crime, rampant drug use, and terrible problems with poor nutrition and even outright starvation.  In 2012, GCA built a 4,000 sq. ft. community center in the heart of Vicente Guerrero’s migrant community.

community center mexico

The Centro Familiar offers a place for people to go to create community and pursue personal improvement.  We offer English classes, computer classes, healthy eating classes, dance classes, parenting classes, day care, homework tutoring, music classes, and many, many other opportunities for personal growth.

Mexico Health Clinic

Medical Clinic

Location: Vicente Guerrero, Mexico

Our latest project in Mexico is a medical clinic for migrant farm workers and their families.  The clinic is located on the same property as our community center and offers basic medical services and health screenings for the poor.

Although Mexico theoretically offers its people free medical care, the reality is that resources are few and the promise of free care is illusory. Our clinic fills the gap created by a broken Mexican medical care system.

Our doctors live onsite and care is available 24/7.

Projects in Burundi

In Burundi, we have started porridge programs for starving children in indigenous communities, built dozens of brick homes for people living in grass huts, built clean water systems in communities previously existing on unfiltered river water.  We have also purchased uniforms and supplies for indigenous children who would not otherwise be permitted to attend school.

Burundi Feeding Program

Feeding Program

Location: Gahararo, Burundi

In 2012, GCA began doing projects with the Batwa people in the African nation of Burundi.  The Batwa are the indigenous people of Burundi.  They are desperately poor and have a shocking infant mortality rate.

In 2015, we started a porridge program in the Batwa village of Gahararo in which we feed a bowl of porridge each day to the village’s children.  Before we started our program, the children would eat only three or four times per week and an average of 3 children would die of starvation each month.

In the three years since we started our porridge program only five children in total have died of starvation in Gahararo.

Housing Project

Location: Gahararo, Burundi

There are 72 families living in Gahararo. Before we started working in the village, the people lived in grass huts which were often infested by snakes and vermin and subject to floods during the rainy season.

In 2016, GCA embarked on an ambitious plan to build a mud brick house for each family. The houses are four bedroom structures with a barn for a cow or a couple of goats. We completed our 72nd house in early 2017.

Housing Projec, Burundi
Water Project, Burundi

Water Project

Location: Gahararo, Burundi

Prior to late 2017, the Batwa’s access to water was difficult indeed. The nearest source was a 2-mile walk down an extremely steep and narrow path. The water had to be carried back to the village in heavy jerry cans.

The women of the village would typically make two or three round trips to the source each day. In 2016, we undertook to build system that would pump water up the mountain to the village from the source below. Our hope was that by making it easier for the Batwa families to get water, we could free up their time for other productive activities. Along the way, we decided to increase the size and scope of the water project so that our system would also serve the surrounding Hutu and Tutsi villages.

We opened our system in early 2017. It serves not only the 72 Batwa families in Gahararo, but more than 1,100 other families in the surrounding area, all for a total of 6,000 people served. Our project is the largest privately funded water project in Burundi.

Projects in Lebanon

We are looking at opportunities to expand our work to include projects in Lebanon. I traveled there in February on a scouting mission to locate potential partners and identify potential projects. I was in Beirut, the Bekaa Valley, and Tyre.  God put excellent potential partners in my path in all three places.  He did not, however, show me a physical project to work on. That doesn’t mean there aren’t projects that we can do.  Indeed, with a million and a-half destitute Syrian and Iraqi refugees living in a country of four million, there are thousands of potential projects for us to do. However, I prefer not to force the issue, but rather wait on God to show me the perfect project to do.

For now, our work in Lebanon will be limited to two or three mission trips per year. During these mission trips, we will be reaching out to the many Muslims who are longing to hear the truth about Jesus and to receive the love of genuine Christians. I believe that God will direct us to a suitable physical project in his perfect timing.  When that happens, I will begin the process of fundraising. In the meantime, please pray that God will make his will obvious to me.

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